The Marathon
Group Family

Our Mission

Driving success together with our business partners


Deliver on all promises and exceed expectations. Our commitments reflect our team’s passion and drive to push pass existing paradigms and create breakthrough business solutions that promote customer and client satisfaction. In a world where mediocrity is the norm, we strive to be, in a word,… Better!

Our Story

Marathon Group was formed in 2000 with the mission and purpose to provide high quality Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) Administration for direct marketing companies and automotive dealers. Soon after inception, Marathon Administrative Company organized insurance operations to underwrite VSC’s and continued to expand claims administration services, recognizing unmet opportunities in the market to provide a higher level of client and customer service, and to support clients’ objectives to attract and retain long-term customer relationships. Over the years, as the company expanded into additional markets, it acquired or formed customer contact centers and a Premium Finance company, Sparta Capital Management. Today the Marathon Group of companies are licensed to operate across all 50 United States and Puerto Rico.

The company was originally founded by JP Bryan, his son John Bryan, and co-founder Allen Kreke, who joined from Underwriters Insurance Company with extensive experience managing insurance and service contract operations.  The founders today include Shelby Bryan, JP’s brother, and all continue to serve as Board members.

Marathon Group has distinguished itself by being an innovative and trusted partner of corporate clients who share its customer-centric values to develop long-term relationships. The company prides itself as a premier provider of automotive and ancillary vehicle protection products and B2B marketing programs that promote customer acquisition, retention and client profitability. This is the platform from which Marathon Group has designed unique programs for Professional Employee Organizations, the Rideshare market and other retail channels within the automotive industry. 

Marathon’s management team have essentially leveraged their extensive knowledge and experience in month-to-month subscription-based warranty products, to create revolutionary low-cost VSC programs that are disruptive in an otherwise mature business, to further differentiate itself from mainstream competition.

Our Team

President, Sparta Capital Management

John B Bryan

Texas Christian University

John Bryan is a principal owner and residing President of Sparta Capital Management. A dual degree graduate of Texas Christian University, affluent in Spanish and proud veteran of the US Marine Corps, John oversees the management side of the company’s people and employees. With a passion for developing strong teams and sound business practices, John has brought synergy across the group of companies. His background in business development and operational management has allowed Marathon to negotiate multi-million dollar lines of credit for the company and its customers.

When John’s not working, he enjoys the great Texas outdoors, hunting and vacationing with his family.

President, Marathon Administrative Company

Allen D Kreke

MBA, Washington University

Allen is the executive leader for the group’s Marathon Administrative Company and one of the founding principals of Marathon Group. Over the past 25 years, he has led and developed companies in the vehicle service contract and insurance industries. Allen is actively involved in the implementation of new service contract programs and the business development efforts of our highly trained sales staff. Allen believes in the philosophy of being a good partner, and he strives to promote that value in all business decisions for our business and business partners.

President and CEO and Interim CFO, Marathon Group

Phillip R Smith

MBA, Baylor University

Phil is the Chief Financial Officer of The Marathon Group. Previously he was the CEO and CFO of Torch Energy Advisors Inc., a privately-held company primarily operating in the upstream, midstream and renewable sectors of the energy business.  

Phillip has been in public accounting for over 37 years with both KPMG LLP and Arthur Andersen as previous employers. His accounting and financial management expertise have helped Marathon maintain its strength in financial security both as a company and partner to our customers and client accounts.

VP of Finance, Marathon Group / CFO, Sparta Capital Management

Chris S Lewis

University of North Florida

Since joining the group in 2016, Chris has been responsible for the companies financial analysis for all entities; as well as taking an active role in its operations and business development. A summa cum laude graduate with a BBA in Finance and Economics, Chris is dedicated to perfection in every effort of the business. A sound financial analyst and strategic-minded leader, Chris has supported the financial growth and success of the group and our partners. 

Outside of the office, Chris is a single handicap golfer and frequently caddies for his sister on the LGPA Tour.

Chief Actuary & Director of Financial Reporting, Marathon Administrative Company

Bri L Robke

 BA, Southern Illinois University

Bri joined the Marathon Group in 2014, bringing over 15 years of financial and accounting experience to the group. As Chief Actuary and Director of Financial Reporting, Bri is responsible for the organization’s GAAP and statutory reporting requirements. She is also responsible for both revenue accounting and the complex allocation and movement of funds which is required in a company that manages thousands of customer contracts and related claims. With a strong actuarial background and sharp analytical skills, Bri actively participates in risk management and rate analysis evaluations for the group’s many different consumer-facing programs, their required reserves, and insurance relationships. 

If you can’t locate Bri in the office, she is likely traveling with her family or exploring the outdoors.

VP of Claims & Customer Service, Marathon Administrative Company

David M Gebke

Southwest Illinois College

As Vice President of Claims & Customer Service, David is responsible for overseeing all daily operations within the claims and customer service divisions of Marathon Group. Joining the organization in 2010, David brings over 10 years of customer service and team leadership experience to the company. David served as a Paramedic, where his training in critical thinking and problem solving under extreme pressure provided a vital skill set necessary to lead the fast-paced claims and customer service centers. David’s focus on operational efficiency and training helps Marathon Group to provide a wide range of personalized products while maintaining the highest level of service to our clients.

In his off time, David enjoys golf, the outdoors and spending time with his wife and family.

VP of Client Services, Marathon Group

Quentin D McClung

University of Kansas

Quentin McClung joined Marathon Group in 2016 with 27 years’ experience in the insurance and vehicle service contract industry. As the head of our Client Services, Quentin is accountable for anticipating and responding to clients’ needs across all of Marathon’s business-to-business distribution channels, managing a spectrum of client services ranging from marketing and sales support, product management, program pricing and design, campaign development, and client-program performance tracking.

Quentin has held active Property and Casualty and Life and Health Insurance Broker licenses since 2001.  

In his limited spare time, Quinten enjoys the outdoors with his wife, kids, and grandson.

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