Extended Service Contract Industry Leader

Operating today as Marathon Group, we are a specialized group of companies whose common mission is to facilitate our clients’ financial security through the underwriting and administration of extended service contract products.


Our founders started in 2000 with over 75 years of combined insurance and reinsurance experience and the vision that being a good partner would allow clients, contract holders and themselves to benefit. The Marathon Group is licensed and can operate in all fifty states, with the exception of Wisconsin.


Marathon Administrative, Co., Inc. was founded in June 2000. Marathon Administrative, Co., Inc. is an administrator/obligor. Marathon Administrative Co., Inc. is licensed in 47 states.


Marathon Financial Insurance Company, Inc. RRG was founded in January 2001.


Athens Administrative, LLC was founded in September 2007. Athens Administrative, LLC is an administrator/obligor. Athens Administrative, LLC is licensed in 47 states.


Athens Financial Insurance Company, Inc. was founded in April 2010.


Escudo Advantage was founded in September 2010. Escudo Advantage is a call center and Vehicle Service Contract Provider operating in Mexico, with its base of operation in Cancun.


Over the years, while many competitors faced economic or ethical troubles, the Marathon Group of companies remained steadfast in its commitment to integrity – to being a good partner.


The Marathon Group holds reserve funds in trust accounts, with require joint authority for withdrawal, and have a combined value of over $150 million. The reserves are reviewed semi-annually by external actuarial consulting firms, and certification of reserves is provided to State Insurance Departments on an annual basis.


Now, with twelve years experience between Marathon, Athens, and Consumers Services of Florida, we stand as a leader in the extended service contract industry. Our partners and competitors look to us to provide best-in-class protection and service.
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