The Importance of Regular Auto Maintenance

We all go to the doctor for to stay healthy or when we get sick.. Your vehicle is no different, so it’s important to have it regularly checked by a professional. Semi-Annual auto check–ups ensure that your vehicle is always in top condition and safe on the road.

Last year, the Car Care Council found that 80% of vehicles have at least one element in need of maintenance. Trouble turning corners, struggling to turn the key in the ignition, wheezing sounds appearing out of nowhere— most of these are problems that we think we can live with when it comes to our vehicles; but if left unchecked, these can be serious and potentially hazardous issues.

Failure to routinely check your car can lead to damage and high repair bills down the road. It can even lead to an accident. Trouble with turning a corner is, for example, likely a problem with your shocks, struts or steering; without proper auto up keep, your car may veer too far when turning corners, possibly leading to a loss of control.

Delaying when it comes to auto maintenance compounds problems, and leads to higher auto repair bills. Without the eye of a licensed professional, simple issues become major ones over time. Most drivers aren’t aware of the essential items that need to be replaced and monitored in a vehicle. Some responsible drivers may know the common items that need replacement when it comes to vehicle maintenance— engine oil, battery, antifreeze, brakes, and tires; however there are other lesser known items in need of regular repair and care.

The health of your car is vitally important to your safety and that of your passengers. Fear of high cost should never be the deciding factor in proper auto care; discounts are often available, and auto mechanic professionals want what is best for you and the roads. Think of you car as another member of your family— when it thrives, you thrive.

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