Filing A Claim

Filing A Claim

Filing a claim with Marathon is easy. The procedure for claim filing is outlined in your policy but we have summarized it here as well.


Please follow these easy 6 steps to file a claim.

  • STEP 1

  • Take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility.



  • STEP 2

  • Have the repair facility properly diagnose your vehicle.



  • STEP 3

  • Ask the repair facility to call us at 800-205-8988 after the diagnostic is complete.


  • STEP 4

  • We will then authorize any work to be done that is covered under your policy.



  • STEP 5

  • When the work is complete, the repair facility will need to fax us over a finished repair order.



  • STEP 6

  • When we receive the finished repair order we would then call the repair facility and pay for the authorized repairs with a corporate credit card.